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Auntie Buscabeatas

Auntie Buscabeatas The action begins in Kalimantan. Kalimantan is the one of those pretty towns that form the magical, magistical state of Borneo. The island is full of animals, plants and rainforests, which I could describe one by one. Yet what we are dealing with now is neither animals nor plants, but with the small village surrounding Kalimantan,and with a most humble gardener, whom we shall call Auntie Buscabeatas, though this was not her true name. Yet, as they all say, there is more than meets the eye, and that is certainly true for our dear friend, Ms Buscabeatas. The villages of Kalimantan have long been plagued with natural disasters. For a long time, the village was bombarded , with no end in sight. Villagers, along with Auntie Buscabeatas, had to constantly evacuate, making life extremely difficult for them. Yet that was not the end of this chaos. The crops, which they growed, often failed throughout the season. Gradually, hunger became malnutrition, and malnutrition became famine. And so one day, Auntie Buscabeatas, plagued with sadness and sorrow, had no choice but to leave. One afternoon, after signing up for a domestic helper agency, she set off to training camp with a heavy heart. And thus began her new life…...

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